Welcome to Mechanical Oddities!

We are purveyors of gadgets, gizmos, mechanical wonders, and useful tools.

Our products are created using a variety of methods and materials. To learn more about how we make our Steampunk Dice, visit our storefront on Etsy.

Every item is designed, created, and handcrafted entirely in house by our team of artisans. Who is our team??

Stefan, the fearless leader, designs unique products of all sorts. He also frequently develops the methods to make new creations. He works with all types of materials — whatever is needed to create something the best way!

Barak, the stalwart friend, is our 3D modeler. He solves the problems and creates the "almost impossible" even before ideas make it to the real world.

Erin, the dedicated "girl Friday" and partner in crime to our fearless leader; in addition to providing conceptual ideas and handling the day to day, she has her own endeavor, Magical Oddities.